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Our Philosophy

Ontario's wait list for specialist consultations is unacceptably long. Many patients spend months waiting to see a medical specialist. Visits to a specialist’s office are often costly, involving extensive travel times, parking costs and missed work days.

Our goal is to improve access to specialist medical consultations for Ontario's patients. We aim to provide high-quality assessments with rapid turnaround directed back to the patient's primary provider. We will maintain open lines of communication between referring providers and specialists to optimize health outcomes for our patients.

Our Leadership Team


Dr. Joel Moktar 


Joel is an Orthopaedic surgeon working in Northern Ontario. He completed his medical degree, surgical training and master's degree in Toronto. He is passionate about leading healthcare innovation and exploring new ways to improve access to specialist care for Ontario's patients. 


Dr. Kunal Bhanot


Kunal is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with advanced training in spinal surgery. He completed his surgical training at the University of Toronto. Having grown up in both the greater Toronto area and New Delhi, he returned to Canada and pursued graduate training in molecular medicine in Ottawa and obtained his medical degree from McMaster University in Hamilton.

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